Long absences from work can happen for many reasons – such as maternity leave, long-term sickness, an accident, out of work, carers leave or career break – and it can be both daunting and challenging for the individual returning and the employer. We help to bridge the gaps between what is provided by companies and needed by individuals, to ensure a smooth transition back to work and successful reintegration into the workplace.

Instead of returnees being thrown in at the deep end and finding themselves overwhelmed, our return to work programme provides skilled workers with carefully tailored support and guidance to help them navigate their way back into work, rebuild confidence, increase self-care, adjust to new responsibilities and a work-focused routine, and regain balance and control in work and life.


How we enable individuals

We provide tailor made coaching programmes for individuals and groups to support them with:

  • lack of confidence/low self esteem
  • disconnection to their employer and what’s been going on
  • heightened stress and anxiety
  • feeling lost
  • imposter syndrome
  • concern regarding work-life balance
  • limiting beliefs.



How we help businesses

We help companies enhance their culture and capability strategy through:

  • retention of high performers
  • working family agendas
  • executive, career and performance coaching
  • creating an inclusive culture.

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It’s a win-win for both employee and employer

…the individual feels comfortable as soon as they return to work
and the company have a high-performing member of staff from the date of return.

Introducing the founder of Return to Work

Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn

I started my business as a transformational health and life coach, because as an experienced senior leader with 15 years at Director level in a large corporation, I had worked with many leaders who had returned to work after long-term absence and found themselves severely tested. I understood the challenges they were facing, the demands of home and work life conflicting and tearing them in two directions. The cycle of guilt, feeling like success in neither is being achieved.

This led me to see the intrinsic link between health and career. From personal experience, I understand how our health often gets overlooked, as we can so often be driven by our careers. It’s not unusual for individuals returning to work to feel like they are in debt to the company for their time off and not feeling able to ask for the support that would help them to thrive.

I have carried out extensive research into understanding what it is like returning to work after a long period of absence. The results surprised me. I found that there is sporadic provision of return to work initiatives in companies. For instance, there was very little contact between the employer and employee during the period of absence, creating anxiety about returning. This was particularly heightened when the business they were returning to was going through transformation or structural change.

Through the Return to Work programme I help individuals navigate and reintegrate their way back to work. We all perform better when we feel better, so health and wellbeing are at the core of my Return to Work programme. I ensure the individual has self-care rituals in place so that they feel good in their skin, that they have coping mechanisms for the challenges they face, and ultimately feel empowered and driven to operate at their most productive level – instead of taking time to return to the level they were at before they left. This is a ‘win-win’, because it provides an opportunity for the individual to feel comfortable the minute they return to the workplace, and the company have a high performing member of staff from the date of return.

The Return to Work programme has made a huge impact on my life...

The Return to Work Programme has made a huge impact on my life. Kirsteen has given me the life tools to turn any challenges I face to my benefit. My main barrier was taking on too many things and not being able to say no, which a lot of us tend to struggle with. The impact it was having on me was immense, around the effect it caused with decisions I was making for myself, however I am now able to make my own decisions and without fear of saying NO.
Kirsteen tailored her sessions around what my needs were and got me to discover the underlining elements. I would highly recommend the ‘Return to Work Programme’ with Kirsteen as she is very passionate to get the best out of you. Thank you for everything you did in such a short space of time.


Kirsteen helped me adjust to my new responsibilities as a mum of three and a senior leader.

Kirsteen helped me at a time when I needed it most. I was returning from maternity leave to a promotion in a new team and department. Kirsteen helped me work on my confidence and self-belief whilst also supporting me with adjusting to my new responsibilities as a mum of three and senior leader. I would highly recommend her services to anyone returning to work from long term leave.

Hannah Awonuga

After suffering from cancer, Kirsteen helped me re-evaluate what was important in my life.

Coming back from long term sick leave after suffering from cancer, I had an opportunity to be coached by Kirsteen. From my first session with Kirsteen, goals, aspirations and achievements were highlighted, restructuring and refocusing my thoughts. It made me re-evaluate what was important in my life. Each session gave me clear direction and clarity regarding what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted my career journey to go

Pina Giudice

I was left feeling far more confident and in control.

Kirsteen helped me tremendously with my return to work from maternity leave. I was left feeling far more confident and in control, I felt like a better version of my old self. The techniques she used helped me to ensure I was building on a solid foundation by taking some simple self care steps, before moving onto empowering me to prioritise my time, which allowed me to be far more productive and successful. I would highly recommend her!

Rebecca Hands

Coaching can positively impact not only our work lives but also our personal lives.

The whole programme overall gave me the confidence to return back to work after having over 10 months off work due to maternity leave. Each session was tailored to my needs and I was able to relate to the content in my work environment. This enabled me to return back to work with the right mindset, the confidence I required (having been off for a while), and it also enabled me to start making a difference at work. Kirsteen not only coached me, she challenged my thinking in some areas, which energised me more to achieve my goals at work and home. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions …taking away lots. I highly recommend the sessions to anyone who is returning to work – sometimes we don’t realise how much coaching can positively impact not only our work lives but also our personal lives, which helped me settle much better at work. I will say the journey has helped make me great at what I do!!! Thank You Kirsteen for your support throughout the 6 weeks session – I appreciate your support.

Rachael Roberts


These helpful survival tips will help to ease your transition and navigate your way back into the working world.