I have decided to create a Bounce Back mastermind group.

This is how the Bounce Back mastermind group works:

  • We will meet via Zoom together once a month for the next 6 months
  • Each month every group member will have a 15 minute ‘hot seat’ experience – where we leverage the group’s knowledge, skills and contacts to help move you forward
  • You will receive a 30-minute private coaching session with me in between our monthly calls – to keep you on track with your goals
  • Our first meeting is 7pm Tuesday 28th April and the last Tuesday of every month thereafter
  • We will have a private LinkedIn group to keep everyone engaged and moving forward with their achievements

Pricing – as this is a difficult time for many I am offering the first six weeks for free, the package also includes a significant discount. I am genuinely looking to support those who want to bounce back.

There are two payments, one at the six-week stage of £250 and one at 12 weeks of £450.

My aim is to support people to bounce back quickly, and make sure that this period is a catalyst to achieve everything that is important to you this year.

There will be six people in the mastermind group, so please let me know if you are interested before 17th April. We will then have a conversation to ensure that we have the optimum group dynamics.

I will have confirmed all group members by 20th April.

Whether you are looking to bounce back after absence from work, or you have the motivation now to create something different in your life, this mastermind group will create the momentum for you to do that.


Please email kirsteen@return-to-work.co.uk for more information.