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16th August 2021

Three little shifts that make a big difference

What’s the most important thing we can master?

Our self!

Part of personal mastery is self-awareness and being able to notice when we are stuck in a loop. Then we can make a shift to a better place, aligned to your vision.

I am going to share three small mindset shifts that can make a big difference to how you feel and what you experience…

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30th May 2021

Are you sick of breaking promises to yourself?

Did you know that breaking promises to yourself is one of the biggest ways we erode our confidence in ourself?

Do you often behave in a way that you know is unhelpful and then get mad with yourself as you continue to do that?

How do you break the cycle?

This is something that I struggled with over time and something that my self-contract made a real difference with.

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29th March 2021

If you want to get out of your head – get into your journal!

What do you do when you feel stuck or worried?

In an ideal world you will have a coach who can talk you through what is going on and open up the choices available to you.

You can also journal.

Journaling gets things out of your head.

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8th January 2021

It’s a new year, is it a new you?

Many make new year’s resolutions in January, but then what????

This year I’m taking a different approach. Of course, I want to set myself up for my best year yet. But this year my focus is on me and not necessarily my goals.

That is a shift for me!

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30th October 2020

Let Us Bloom!

How often do you find yourself comparing yourself to others? When you do this, you are tapping into the belief that you are not enough and someone else is more.

This is such common behaviour that it even has its own heading under the list of unhelpful thinking styles in cognitive behaviour therapy: Compare and Despair.

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12th May 2020

The things you don’t know about me

Here goes!

Three years ago, I started training as a health coach. There comes a point in your career when you start to crave something different and to feel more connected to your purpose. I knew I wanted to have something to move from my corporate career to. I have also seen many of my colleagues being made redundant and lose their identity because they didn’t know what to do next. There seemed to be a void in their life. I didn’t want that for me!

What I didn’t know was how much I would need the work for myself…

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31st March 2020

Interview with a cancer survivor

I’ve had the privilege to interview someone who has recently returned to work after six months off battling with cancer.

What is shared here is candid and personal. To maintain her privacy, I am going to call her Sally.

Sally shared with me her experience of going back to work as a senior leader in Financial Services after going through her cancer treatment.

Prior to her sickness, Sally described herself as a very confident, high performer, who ran a tight ship and delivered great results.

In her own words, she could have “done her job with her eyes closed”. Sally had always been very resilient and could deal with whatever was thrown at her.

When Sally first returned to work, she thought because her physical scars were healing that she was well again and ready to be back.

The emotional scars were unexpected….
14th January 2020

Nationwide Building Society pilots return-to-work
coaching programme for new mothers

Nationwide Building Society is piloting a new programme, provided by Return to Work, to give coaching to employees re-entering work following maternity leave, with a view to launching the scheme in full for its 17,000 employees later this year.

This new programme enhances the benefits Nationwide already offers to working parents, such as extended maternity and parental leave for employees whose babies are born prematurely, with the aim of improving the retention of staff in the long term.

Return to Work provides a six to 12-week coaching programme, focusing on building confidence and self-care for returning mothers…