Transformational Coach

Transformational coaching goes deeper with clients, it works on the beliefs and identities of clients to understand and implement changes necessary to help clients move forward and transform their lives. Transformational coaching works with clients on how they see themselves, rather than how they act. Transformational coaching is about how the client is ‘being’ rather than what they are ‘doing’. Who the client needs to be in order to achieve their goals, that creates the change needed for transformation. Transformational coaching surfaces and releases your inner critic clutter to open up new space (mental, emotional, and psychic) for you to operate and create the next greatest version of your life.


Life Coach

A life coach supports their clients to achieve life goals and live their best version of themself by helping them define and achieve their goals. A life coach coaches on the 5 big rocks of life. Career, health, finances, relationships and spirituality. A life coach helps their client unlock their full potential, so they are empowered to create anything they desire.

UK Health Coaches Association

UK Health Coaches Association

All health coaches that appear on the UK Health Coaches directory have graduated from one of their approved training courses and are properly insured, giving peace of mind and reassurance.

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Master of the Transformational Coaching Method

Working with clients at the belief and identity level, helping them to rewire their brain so they can change their behaviour without having to remember to.

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Health Coach

A health coach works in partnership with their clients to ensure they follow through on their health and wellbeing goals. Providing support, encouragement and accountability along the way. A GP will tell you what to do, a health coach will help you create the new healthy habits required for optimum health and wellbeing. We are all different and have unique, dietary, emotional, physical and lifestyle needs. A one size fits all approach to health and wellness does not work, a health coach works with clients to help them listen to their body’s wisdom to become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.
Habit change is what a Health Coach does best. Here are just a few of the tangible results achieved through habit change; lose weight; gain energy; stress less; balance blood sugar; have glowing skin; improve digestion; heal adrenal fatigue; overcome binge eating and emotional eating; cure cravings; stop chronic dieting; learn which foods to eat and which foods to avoid; manage chronic conditions, like diabetes and heart disease.